New Times and New Generations Are Asking for New Approaches.

The Club Of Budapest Belgium is an interconnected network of gamechangers, leaders and influencers aimed at spreading the New Paradigm ( Prof. Ervin Laszlo).

In times of fast changes in social, economic and ecologic evolutions we are a catalyst in connecting individuals and organisations on a global scale aiming at achieving the necessary transformation. As part of the international network of The Club Of Budapest we are the link between local and global networks.

We support and develop projects, programmes and initiatives in the social, ecological, medical, scientifical, educational, economical and consciousness fields.

The first informal meeting between the CoBbe future leadership and the CoB International leaders.

From L to R: Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Professor Ervin Laszlo, Bart Hungenaert, Dr. Maria Sagi and Jimmy Lanssens.

Our interconnections and partners:

For a PDF list of our partners click here. (coming soon)

The Club of Budapest Belgium is a non-profit organisation supporting the New Paradigm in levels of society.